”Where classic meets modern, you will find Bess - a subject of the typical Scandinavian design, integrated with the classic style of the 50’s.” - Rutger Andersson


Bess is a collection of modern Scandinavian design intertwined with the classic appearance of the 50’s. It is a collection of designed simplicity, where the details are made with a “less is more” mind-set. The legs are fixed in a steady solid oak frame that keeps the furniture from slouching even if you put weight on it. The solid oak is recurring in the handles which is a small element that defines the typical appearance of Bess.

Bess is the perfect furniture collection for the home that wants to add something with a genuine style and character but don’t want the looks of one piece to take over the room. Add something out of the ordinary, exciting simplicity in its purest form.




Here you can find information sheets about the Collection

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