" The repetition off vertical pins gives a comfortable backrest and a nice geometric pattern that never gets boring." - Monika Mulder


The Grain  product line is something special. It has a fresh approach to the casual “countryside style” and its appeal will definitely create a tranquil environment. The design is built on round materials with no sharp edges and follows the tradition of Scandinavian design – absolute style with minimum fuss. It’s a classic that fits as well in the light and airy spaces as the small and narrow apartment, a certain way to add aesthetics to your home.
Part of the essential design is the surface. The products are developed in natural materials and you can see the structure through the stained colour finish. It is very simple, yet aesthetic. It gives a genuine natural impression and it has a sturdy construction that is durable and long-lasting.
This classy collection is sure to enrich your interior design and create a welcoming atmosphere. It is the perfect piece of furniture to add understated elegance to your home.



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