Malibu deluxe

“The same high quality as the long time best seller Malibu, but now in popular metal colors. It only takes a color to make it a whole new product”


Malibu® is associated with longevity – it has been a tenzo bestseller since 1998. Malibu® deluxe is a new variation of the existing Malibu® collection – but the colours have taken the classic appearance into the modern stage of interior design. The bronze and copper paint combines the retro design with the Scandinavian trends of today – a combination that makes Malibu® deluxe the perfect match when you want to store your things in a classy way. The bronze and copper colours are a great addition to the otherwise contemporary white and oak style.

Details in copper and bronze have been a trend in interior design for a long time. Still, to take that trend one step further and put the colours on the whole furniture wasn’t obvious for actors in the furniture business. To spray metallic colours by hand is easy but when it comes to industrial production it requires knowledge and accuracy. Tenzo took the step to make copper and bronze work for industrial use and we are now one of the first suppliers to put metallic coloured furniture out on the market.


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