”Clearly, it’s in the details. The legs have a unique cut and are shaped with asymmetry with the symmetry in mind.” - Thomas Eklundh


The product may look simple at first glance, but the closer you look you’ll see that behind both design and production lies hours of care. Each base is made in solid oak which allows the legs to have its characteristic form, a detail that expresses northern design and harmony. The rest of the product is lacquered in high quality white paint which makes stains easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

All doors and drawers are equipped with a push-to-open feature. The clean lines appear even more clearly when no handles are needed. The appearance of Patch is a delight to the eye; especially for those who appreciate symmetry. Yet the symmetry is not just plain and ordinary – the legs are made with a graphic twist that highlights the unique cut that is characteristic for Patch.



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