Our story

Our Story

Tenzo AB is part of the family owned Gunnar Johansson Group. The factory is situated in Smålandsstenar, part of the Gnosjö region in Sweden. We develop, produce and trade furniture to retailers on a broad international market. 95% of our production is exported to several large shops all over Europe, particularly France, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia.


When it was founded, Tenzo was envisioned as a specialist in wood furniture. For this reason, the company went by the name Träspecialen Möbel AB up until 2007. After a number of years of development, the name “Träspecialen” [Wood Specialists] no longer seemed to reflect the profile of the company. So, in 2007 the company became Tenzo AB. From its beginnings as wood furniture specialists, Tenzo has grown into an international company with specialist expertise in colours and enamels. Despite its growth, the company has kept its base and factory where it all started – in Smålandsstenar.


Tenzo was founded in 1934 by a fabricator by the name of David Johansson. It did not take long before he developed a completely new product – Fixbordet. Fixbordet was a very simple, folding wooden table that was both timeless and functional and could be easily moved for use or storage. Fixbordet quickly gained popularity on the market and entered production in simple facilities in Smålandsstenar. This was the start of Tenzo AB. Fixbordet is still a fixture on the market, but is no longer a part of Tenzo’s product line. Since 2006, it has been a brand and company owned by Karin Johansson.


Today, Tenzo is one of Sweden’s largest furniture manufacturers and strives to be at the forefront of trendy design furniture. We want to be the most attractive partner for our customers in the development of new products.

Tenzo design

Good design is in the detail – that special thing that make you fall in love…


Tenzo design studio consists of a team with competence in different areas. All to get the best possibilities to develop and design furniture for you. To perfect our range and make our design accomplished we are collaborating with a group of carefully chosen designers.


The team works closely with the production to make sure that each piece is designed to fully benefit the capacity of our manufacture facility in Sweden. No middle hands or compromises that will affect the design and appearance. Together we create modern furniture with high quality and with a Scandinavian touch.


We do our best to always ensure you the best quality possible to an affordable price. Every batch from our lacquering line is assembled to ensure that it is ok. All so that you can be sure to get what you paid for.