Our design

Tenzo design studio

Good design is in the detail – that special thing that make you fall in love…

Tenzo design studio consists of a team with competence in different areas. All to get the best possibilities to develop and design furniture for you. To perfect our range and make our design accomplished we are collaborating with a group of carefully chosen designers.

The team works closely with the production to make sure that each piece is designed to fully benefit the capacity of our manufacture facility in Sweden. No middle hands or compromises that will affect the design and appearance. Together we create modern furniture with high quality and with a Scandinavian touch.


Says Who

Designer of ‘Cross
The style of Says Who design is rooted in the great traditions of Scandinavian design, and it’s love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality. They are part of the movement of new scandinavian design. On one hand they respect their design heritage, and on the other hand they reinvent it to fit into our present time.
They are two sides of the same coin. Chaos and order. Engineering and creativity.

Rutger Andersson

Designer of Malibu, ‘Bess‘, ‘Cobra‘ etc.
Rutger Andersson combines function and aesthetics. Like all who endeavour to create perfection, he knows when enough is enough and does not embellish his creations with unnecessary adornment.
Rutger Andersson prefers to be inspired by cars of the 1950s rather than design exhibitions in Milan . The result
is furniture with soul.

Måns Broman

Designer of ‘Dot
Måns Broman is a Swedish designer who joined Rutger Designs company in 2003, his creativity has spawned numerous designs and earned him an Elle Design Award. Dot is one of his latest creations (April 2016).

Jurij Rahimkulov

Designer of ‘Bess
Has previously worked as illustrator and interior designer at an architectural office in Moscow. Jurij was responsible for designing Michael Gorbatjov’s apartment in Moscow, among other things. Jurij was trained at the architectural school in Moscow, and at HDK, the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Göteborg.

Thomas Eklundh

Designer ofPatch
Thomas finds inspiration in almost everything, but mainly from movies, art, music and literature.
With the ambition to make the everyday a little more exciting, he places great emphasis on both ideas and handcrafted details.
The great thing is as important as the small.
After graduating from Beckmans School of Design, he combines digital studio work with handy craft in his workshop.

Monika Mulder

Designer of ‘Plain, Grain’
Swedish designer Monika Mulder cares a lot for the sculptural aspect of design. ‘Developing a product that fulfills practical demands can be done by good thinking, but creating a product that touches peoples souls requires real feelings. That is my way of challenging design’.
Monika’s main interest is to develop relevant solutions for real needs, and to give grace and beauty to everyday products. Monika Mulder’s work is playful and functional, solving challenges of production with creativity and consideration.

Olivier Toulouse

Designer of ‘Uno‘ & ‘Mudo
Design says something about who you are, that’s why
Olivier is inspired by people. By watching people, new designs emerge. Olivier believes that to create good design you need to fight predetermined things, be opened to alternatives and critically looking for new answers to poorly asked questions. You must know how to redefine the questions asked and you must take the time to do it.